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Cubs fans are petitioning for a virtual Harry Caray

Written by
Chris Bourg

Since 1998, the Cubs have honored the memory and legacy of Harry Caray by bringing in a celebrity to lead the Wrigley Field crowd in the singing of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." As time has passed, this tradition has become less of a remembrance of Caray and more of a PR gimmick that has grown stale. With that in mind, a group has started a petition on for the Cubs to play a video on the new left field scoreboard of Caray singing the song in lieu of inviting guest conductors to the park.

This would give the Cubs a chance to use their new technology for a legitimate tribute to one of the most beloved figures in the organization's history. It also would mean the end of horrific performances by the likes of Ozzy Osbourne.

The White Sox recently brought back AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" as their intro music after fans loudly voiced their opposition to an awful Fall Out Boy song. Cubs fans should also be able to listen to the voice that they deserve: Harry Caray's.

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