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Three Dots and a Dash changes up its cocktail list, adds new food

Amy Cavanaugh
Written by
Amy Cavanaugh

Four months after bartender Paul McGee departed to open Lost Lake in Logan Square, Three Dots and a Dash is making changes to its cocktail list. The tiki menu, which hasn't changed in about a year, now falls under the purview of Diane Corcoran, who also runs the drink programs at Lettuce Entertain You spots Bub City, Paris Club, Ramen San, Summer House Santa Monica, Stella Barra Pizzeria, RPM Italian and RPM Steak. The new menu debuts April 13 with seven new cocktails and two new punch bowls, plus the return of an old favorite. 

“We decided it was time to freshen things up,” Corcoran says. “We gave the menu a new look, got some new mugs, and added some fresh flavors, like mango and blood orange.”

But some old favorites remain. 

“Three Dots is always going to remain on the menu; that’s our namesake,” she says. “Same with the Banana Daiquiri—that’s been on the menu since day one. The Mai Tai was on the original menu, then we took it off for the last one, but it’s such a great cocktail and people were still ordering it.”

In addition to the Mai Tai, the Saturn (above), a gin-based favorite from the first menu, is also back. The Jet Pilot, Dead Reckoning, Ports of Call, and the Zombie and Pieces of Eight punches also remain.

So what’s new? There’s a section of Painkillers, three riffs on the classic, each with two rums: No. 109, with coconut, passionfruit, pineapple and cream; No. 347D, with coconut, pineapple, blood orange, vanilla and cream; and No. 639, with lemon, passionfruit, mango and coconut cream. There’s also going to be a rotating selection of frozen drinks, which Corcoran says she’s still experimenting with, but possibilities include a piña colada or daiquiri, or the Pinky Gonzalez, a drink from the last menu.

Other new drinks include the classic Demerara Dry Float, made with two rums, lime, passionfruit and maraschino, and a tweaked version of the Aku Aku, a boozy drink designed for two, with rum, mezcal and Batavia Arrack, which Corcoran says is “really refreshing and has a nice dry finish to it.”

Two new modern tiki cocktails are Bikinis After Dark, with three rums, orgeat, lime and pineapple that’s smoked upstairs at Bub City. Corcoran says that the “Cacchen” Some Rays, with tequila, rums, fruit and La Colombe Cold Brew, has a “backbone of tequila, then the coffee comes through in the finish.” Blood of the Kapu Tiki (above) is a new punch that’s served in a ship and serves four to five people.

Corcoran also changed the punch that goes into the famed, monstrous $385 Treasure Chest.

“It’s just a little bit lighter and uses strawberry, vanilla, passionfruit and pineapple,” she says. “I wanted to create a Treasure Chest that would be great with rum, or great with another spirit. It would work if you wanted to do tequila or gin.”

With new tiki drinks come new tiki snacks, including five-spice ribs (above), crispy wings, grilled short ribs and a pineapple-pecan dip. Plus, there’s a Captain’s Pu Pu Platter, with coconut shrimp, spring rolls, pork buns, wings, ribs and Thai fried chicken that serves three to four people for $38.

All the new items debut April 13.

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