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What was the last photo you took?

"My photo is my friend passed out, drunk at a bar. We drink like fucking Midwesterners, man. Have you been here during the winter time? It's fucking terrible, it's absolutely terrible. The only thing you can do is stay inside and get drunk."


These exact words are not only heard by most Chicagoans, but also sloppily enacted at least once in a lifetime. Well, maybe not all of us. We're not all sloppy drunks. Regardless, this short film of Chicagoans sharing their latest photos couldn't get away without three related to booze.

The grossest photo with an alcohol reference is not one you'd expect. It's a guy who refers to the unborn child in his wife's womb as "Nathan's latest brew, ready in June." Sorry if you're reading, Nathan, but comparing the baby in your wife's uterus to fermented yeast is all sorts of cringeworthy.

Nathan aside, Ivan Kash's short film is quite interesting and does good work of epitomizing our city. Everyone's there—from an urbanite studying to be a midwife to a pregnant teen. Alcohol and kids seem to be a running theme.

So far, Kash has created a "Last Photo" film for London, New York, Los Angeles and other cities.

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