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Things you can do at Public House, the new 10,000-square-foot bar from the Bull & Bear owners: Tap your own beer or spirit (e.g., Absolut, Patron, Jameson) at the table, attend a post-concert concert of a performer from House of Blues (which is across the street), choose from eight toppings for macaroni and cheese (one of which is shaved black truffles), sip a cocktail that is meant to resemble a beer (such as the Port of Call, a Jameson-port-Rum-Patron concoction with a whipped cream head that’s a play on Guinness) or update your Facebook status via some kind of holographic keyboard technology beamed onto the tables. Get invited to a private party, and you can wear a wristband that allows you to tap your own beer from the wall, and you can play Xbox. You can also just, umm, drink a beer. 25 beers are on tap with another 75 or so in bottles, if it’s too much work to pour your own. 400 N State St, 312-642-8818.

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