Music, Rap, hip-hop and R&B
Photograph: Courtesy Ashlan Grey

Formed through a Kanye West fan message board, the members of hip-hop collective Brockhampton moved into a house together, started making music and insisted on being called a "boy band." Led by rapper Kevin Abstract and harnessing an intensely collaborative approach that echoes the work of Odd Future, the 14-member group recently followed up a trilogy of self-released records with its major label debut, Iridescence. Maintaining the DIY spirit of the collective's earliest work, the collection of songs leans heavily on the kind of aggressive, blown-out bass drum anthems that have come to characterize its live performances. It's no surprise that Brockhampton has quickly found a young and vocal fanbase—the group produces the kind of music that inspires other to go out and make their own.

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