Cage the Elephant + Foals + J. Roddy Walston & The Business

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Cage the Elephant
Photograph: Colin Lane Cage the Elephant

The exuberant Kentucky quintet crack out their bluesy boogie in celebration of their latest album, Melophobia. It's a chaotic listen that draws on psychedelia, ’70s southern rock, glam and contemporary indie: just the thing for a rollicking live show. British quintet Foals graduated in the class of 2008, when their debut album Antidotes set them out as the smartest of the indie punk-funk pack, and—to judge by their latest record, Holy Fire—have evolved into one of the country's finest alternative rock bands. Their unselfconscious intelligence and knack for smart, danceable pop tunes is now matched by a new love for sludgy riffs, funk grooves and organic improvisation. The Southern-rock flavored Business can rip up the joint, too.

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