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Michael Milosh's voice is a mesmerizing instrument. It has the timbre of a reeded woodwind and can remove clothing faster than an EMT's scissors. Imagine leaning into someone's ear and delivering this line: "Our bodies colide and come alive." You or I couldn't do it. You and I would sound ridiculous. (I am presuming Trey Songz is not reading this.) Milosh, an androgynous Canadian R&B crooner, cannot only pull off this blunt foreplay with ease, he makes it haunting. His vocals materialize and melt in the mix, a cross of Sade and some eerie cooing a Ghost Hunter would pick up on recording in an empty warehouse at 2am. Multitracked, his singing can sound played in reverse. It is why he is married to a Mad Men actress. The Rhye frontman brings a little baby-making music to Old Town for a deeply cool gig.

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