Pixies + Mitski

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Photograph: Michael Halsband Pixies

The Pixies could easily be a nostalgia act at this point in its career, cashing in on the anniversaries of albums like Surfer Rosa and Doolittle or the mere presence of "Where is my Mind" in Fight Club. Instead, frontman Black Francis continues to treat the reunited group like his primary creative outlet—not even the departure of longtime bassist Kim Deal has dampened his spirits. On the latest Pixies album, Head Carrier, Francis departs from the loud-soft dynamic template he employed on the group's best records, opting for a punk rock assault that lacks any subtlety. It might be a difficult change to stomach for longtime fans, but there's little doubt that you'll hear "Here Comes Your Man" if you you tough it out. Indie rock singer-songwriter Mitski opens the show.


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