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Public Service Broadcasting / J Willgoose
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This peculiar and utterly English duo is the brainchild of one J. Willgoose, Esq., a young man dressed like a baby-faced Oxford prof in tortoiseshell, tweed and corduroy. Wrigglesworth, his companion, is on drums. PSB chop up bits of old British film, television and radio and sprinkle the samples over driving motorik grooves fueled by electric guitar, vintage synths and banjo. It's quite like a cocktail of Kraftwerk, the Books and Man or Astroman?, and is fortunately as fascinating to listen to and observe as it is to write about. Onstage, J.W., Esq. juggles multiple instruments, sharply dressed, as those nostalgic black & white clips play on multiple screens. Wriggs keeps it moving forward faster than a steam train. The two have a new album about space exploration.

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