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A complete guide to the Pilsen neighborhood

Explore the Southwest Side neighborhood with our guide to Pilsen's best restaurants, bars and things to do

By Clayton Guse

Posted: Tuesday October 6 2015

Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas
National Museum of Mexican Art

Pilsen is one of the most recognizable neighborhoods in the city. With a distinct mural or piece of public art adorning a facade in nearly every block, it's not hard to see the artistic culture that's present in the Southwest Side area. With one of the best museums in the city, some fantastic contemporary art galleries and a booming bar and restaurant scene to boot, Pilsen has everything a fun and culture-loving Chicagoan could desire. It's accessible by way of bus, Pink Line, Metra or a quick hop off of the Eisenhower, Dan Ryan or Stevenson Expressways. Head to the gorgeous Southwest Side 'hood and enjoy all the culture and entertainment it has to offer.

Here's the best of the neighborhood.

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Things to do in Pilsen

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