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10 fashion trends popular in 2005

Remember trucker hats, cargo pants and Juicy tracksuits? These are the fashion trends and accessories popular in 2005

Written by
Ryan Lee Vincent
Pop culturally, 2005 was a rough year: Blink-182 went on an indefinite hiatus, Dumbledore died and Gwen Stefani made it impossible to spell bananas without her guidance. Needless to say, we were in a pretty vulnerable place, leaving us open to making poor fashion choices to cope with these hardships. 
Time Out Chicago was born that year to chronicle Chicago's fashion hits and misfires, from trucker hats that thrift stores won't even carry now, to the right way to tie a winter scarf. Here’s a shout-out to the "top" 10 fashion trends from ’05, if only to remind ourselves why we wont ever be giving them a hollaback, girl. 

Trucker hats

Extra points if worn in combination with an ironic T-shirt; full on Friedlander.

Skinny jeans

The crotch-hugging style became ubiquitous in 2005 and still hasn't gone away.

Ironic T-shirts

Bush’s re-election had many wishing they’d actually voted for Pedro.

Cargo pants

You were especially cool if you had the ones with zip-off legs.

Juicy tracksuits

Because you’re not a regular mom, you’re a cool mom.


Ugh, winter Crocs.

Western shirts with pearl snaps

Thanks, Jack White.

Layered polos

How this ever went out of fashion is beyond us, bruh.

Silicone cause bracelets

Because the only thing more important than donating to charity is making sure everyone knows you donated to charity.


Also known as designer hobo by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.
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