Jeremy Scheuch’s Rod Blagojevich tattoo

The Chicago artist talks about having Blago’s mug inked on his thigh.
Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki The Chicago artist talks about having Blago's mug inked on his thigh.
By Jake Malooley |

It’s safe to say Jeremy Scheuch will never forget Rod Blagojevich's reign of error. The 32-year-old GM of events website has a daily reminder tattooed on his right thigh: the ex-gov’s mug framed by rubber-banded bills. The part-time artist, who co-organized last year’s “50 Aldermen/50 Artists” show, got the piece on June 3, 2010, day one of the first trial—an unintended coincidence. “He thought it would be hilarious,” explains Beth Cisco of Maximum Tattoo Studio in suburban Deerfield. She had previously given Scheuch a Patrick Swayze portrait tribute on his right rib cage that reads pain don’t hurt—a line from Road House. Scheuch takes the same light approach with his own Pop Art confections: unicorns with rainbows shooting out of their butts, zombie-fied ’80s baseball players. Last August, Scheuch met Blago, who was making an autograph-signing appearance at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, and showed him the ink. “He was like, ‘This guy needs to be on the jury!’ ” Scheuch says. “He’s the epitome of politician: a shady dude, but one I’d drink a beer with.”