Merging the Mayor's Office of Special Events with the Department of Cultural Affairs

Mayoral candidates weigh in on whether the two city departments should be merged.

Where do you stand on Mayor Daley’s cost-cutting plan to merge the Department of Cultural Affairs with the Mayor’s Office of Special Events?*

Braun, Chico, Cooper, Emanuel, Del Valle, Meeks

Caster, Collins, Hendon, Tyrrell, Walls


“I don’t believe there is a valid reason to merge the two departments. Although similar, the core missions of the two departments are markedly different. The Department of Cultural Affairs is concerned with lasting impressions and the preservation of artifacts. Conversely, the Mayor’s Office of Special Events is focused on temporary displays of talent and other assets.”—Walls

*DCA plans events at the Cultural Center and Millennium Park and large-scale music fests like the World Music Festival, while MOSE is responsible for farmers’ markets, neighborhood festivals and large fests like Taste of Chicago.

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