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Tiffany Tucker, 21

Fat Shopaholic blogger hosts fat-girl shopping days.
Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki
By Jake Malooley |

State Street between Illinois Street and Grand Avenue

What do you do? I run the fashion blog Fat Shopaholic.

Interesting name: two things with negative connotations. Are you reclaiming them? I see myself as part of the fat-acceptance movement. It’s about saying you’re fat, accepting your body for what it is and working with what you have. Also, I shop way too much!

You self identify as a shopaholic? Yeah. Even the mail lady today was like, “You just a little shopaholic, huh?” I get packages all the time, mostly from U.K. stores. They have the best fat-girl clothes; most of the stuff they sell in their regular line they also have in their curve line.

Buy anything today? I got an orange button-down shirt that I plan to wear with a bright blue blazer. I’m all about color blocking. I’m also excited to get my door-knocker earrings, like old-school huge ones from the ’90s. They’re usually clip-on because they’re heavy. Otherwise, they’d rip your ears off. Oh, I also bought a crop top that says, f*ck flattering—as in how your clothes should fit. Fat girls in crop tops, yay! [Laughs] I love ugly clothes. Occasionally I do fat-girl shopping days.

What does that entail? My girls and I go thrifting for funny-looking grandma jackets, eat lots of food and just generally are fat publicly. ’Cause if you’re fat, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, eating in public. If you’re eating a salad, people are like, “She knows she needs to be eating that!” If you’re eating a burger, people are like, “She knows she don’t need that!” You can’t eat anything!