Breakfast at the Printer's

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This year, the Tate Modern celebrated him in World Goes Pop!, and now Boris Bućan’s explosive, genre-busting art is getting its own retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Bućan shook up the sixties art world with his rule-breaking practice: he’d draw on roads, gallery courtyards, and anywhere except the canvas – quite litAerally painting the town red (or blue). But this exhibition focuses on his later innovations, which saw him – along with his peers from the New Art Practice – play around with new technologies such as photocopies, video and graphic design. For Bucan, this experimentation led him to create an expansive, brilliant array of posters between the seventies and nineties. They were mainly for theatres and cultural institutions, and today they still look as bold and optically playful as they did decades ago. As this exhibition makes clear, Bucan managed to tear art out of the gallery and throw it full-throttle into the everyday world.