CHEZ 186 exhibition: 31 Days

Art, Graffiti
CHEZ 186 exhibition: 31 Days

Time Out says

New exhibition by famous and boundary-pushing graffiti artist

CHEZ 186 has been active on the Croatian graffiti scene for over two decades and is one of the movement's leading lights in the country. His first paintings were done using spray cans, in his native Slavonia. This exhibition, entitled '31 Days', features ten of the artist's most recent spray can works. He has previously used walls, roofs, abandoned buildings and train carriages as canvases for his work and his best-known works remain those that exist outdoors on permanent public display. But, in more recent years, he has also produced works in the studio on more traditional artist canvasses, such as those presented here. '31 Days' has its launch at 8pm on Tuesday 12 February.


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