Dulčić, Masle, Pulitika Gallery

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While the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik focuses on the new and the global, its sister operation the DMP named after renowned modern artists concentrates on important figures from the last 200 years. The two-storey gallery owns more than 2,200 pieces but only a fraction are on show. On the top floor, the most important artist is well represented: Vlaho Bukovac. His landscapes are of value but it's his portraits that shine, often with a definite melancholic, contemplative edge. Pieces by contemporary local artists, brasher and brighter, are downstairs.


Venue name: Dulčić, Masle, Pulitika Gallery
Address: Poljana Marina Držića 1
Opening hours: Summer Mon closed, 9am-8pm daily; Winter 9am-3pm
Transport: All buses to Old Town
Price: 15kn, Locals and Children FREE
Static map showing venue location