1. Graffiti Na Gradele 18
    © Graffiti Na GradeleStreet art festival Graffiti na Gradele translates to 'Grilled Graffiti', honouring grilled fish often eaten in its home, Brač island
  2. Graffiti Na Gradele 18
    © Graffiti Na GradeleAnother piece from Brač's Graffiti Na Gradele street art festival
  3. Graffiti Na Gradele 18
    © Graffiti Na GradeleA wonderfully abstract piece from Graffiti Na Gradele
  4. Lunar (Croatia)
    © Art Park ZagrebWork by renowned Croatian artist Lunar in the centre of Zagreb
  5. Street Art: 'Nitpicking' by Lonac
    © StreetArtNewsA realistic piece called 'Nitpicking' by lauded Croatian artist Lonac
  6. Anthony Brooks (USA) at Art Park
    © Art ParkArt by US-native artist Anthony Brooks in Old Town Zagreb
  7. Branimirova street
    © Sanjin KaštelanA mix and match of mediums on Zagreb's Branimirova street
  8. Branimirova street
    © Lice Grada / licegrada.hrBranimirova street is known for the splendid street art that flanks it
  9. Vlaška street
    © Time Out CroatiaCaptivating characters on Zagreb's central Vlaška street
  10. Tkalčićeva street (Mali Medo)
    © Sanjin KaštelanMali Medo pub decor on Zagreb's famous Tkalčićeva street
  11. Marin Remić (Smelly Feet Guy) at Art Park
    © Art ParkCroatian artist Marin Remić's (aka Smelly Feet Guy) work on display in central Zagreb
  12. Boris Bare at Tkalčićeva (Mali Medo)
    © Mali MedoMuch-photographed work by Croatian artist Boris Bare at Tkalčićeva street's Mali Medo pub
  13. OKO at MSU
    © Kristijan SmokOne of Croatian artist OKO's prolific works in front of Zagreb's Museum of Contemporary Art
  14. Lonac at Petrinjska
    © Sanjin Kaštelan'Xenophora' by Lonac in Zagreb's centre - since ruined by the March 22 earthquake
  15. Art Park
    © Domagoj BlaževićWork displayed at the Art Park festival in Zagreb's Ribnjak park
  16. Mislav Lešić for Art Park
    © Art ParkA piece by Croatian artist Mislav Lešić for the Art Park festival
  17. Selska street in Zagreb
    © Sanjin KaštelanAn artistic surprise greets passersby on Zagreb's Selska street
  18. Graffiti Na Gradele
    © Marko LopacPainting in action at the Graffiti Na Gradele festival
  19. Springtime sales at Zagreb's Dolac marketplace overlooked by street art
    © José A. de Lucas TorreSpringtime sales at Zagreb's Dolac marketplace overlooked by street art
  20. Lonac and Chez186 - ‘Technicolor Dream’, Medika, Zagreb
    @ LonacWork by Lonac and fellow Croatian artist chez186 called ‘Technicolor Dream’ in Zagreb
  21. Kazkis fabulous piece in Vodnjan, Istria region @Boobmarstick.com
    @Boobmarstick.comArt by Ukranian street art duo Kazki stands out in the Istrian town of Vodnjan
  22. Enjoy life by Stipan Tadić (Mural), Vodnjan
    @ Vodnjan Tourist BoardA mural called 'Enjoy Life' by Croatia-native Stipan Tadić in Vodnjan
  23. Etien’s and Zagreb’s Whale @ Sanjin Kaštelan
    © Sanjin Kaštelan'Anamorphosis' by French artist Etien in Zagreb's Upper Town
  24. Sumski mural at Komiža, Island Vis, Croatia @ Sumski
    @ Yango GonzalezA mural by Croatian artist Šumski in the town of Komiža on Vis island
  25. ART&Spa by Slaven Kosanović Lunar i Farid Rueda
    @ Terme Tuhelj'ART&Spa' is a piece in Zagorje by Lunar and Mexican artist Farid Rueda
  26. Ivan Blažetić Šumski art mural, Lauba, Zagreb
    @ Doris FaturThe outside of beloved Zagreb venue Lauba is graced by art from Šumski
  27. Street art in Zagreb, Studentski centar @ Zoran M.
    @ Zoran M.Street art around Zagreb's buzzing Student Centre
  28. After Ukraine and Italy, Sebas Velasco recently stopped in Rijeka, Croatia, where he painted another signature mural mixing portraiture and night time cityscape.
    @ Marin MesterThe streets of Rijeka feature art by Spanish artist Sebas Velasco
  29. Artez - Ohoho Festival at Akc Medika, Zagreb
    @ ArtezSerbian artist Artez's creation for Zagreb's Ohoho festival at Autonomous Cultural Center Medika
  30. The Ugly Duckling - OKO & CHEZ 186 for Creart EU project with Croatian Association of Artists
    @ Street Art Croatia'The Ugly Duckling' by artists OKO and chez186 for the European Union's Creart project
  31. Flying Higher than the Others by Lonac
    @ Miron Mirić'Waterfall' by Croatian artist Miron Milić on Zagreb's Petrinjska street
  32. Art Park, Zagreb @ Eva Funke
    @ Eva-Maria FunkeSunshine-brightened street art in Zagreb's central Ribnjak park
  33. Mural in Opuzen - Art street Festival Zen Opuzen
    © Grad OpuzenA mural created for street art festival 'Zen' in the town of Opuzen within Dubrovnik-Neretva County
  34. PIK building by French artists Chifumi Krohom and Williann Wln in Opuzen
    @ Art Festival Zen OpuzenA decorated building in Opuzen by French artists Chifumi Krohom and Williann Wln
  35. Mural in Opuzen - Art street Festival Zen Opuzen
    @ Boris BaneBoris Bane's work on display at the Floraart festival in Zagreb's Bundek park
  36. Mural 'Only Love' by Šumski in Rijeka
    @ Šumski'Only Love', a mural by artist Šumski in Krapina
  37. Oko - You need to nurture old friendships, Medika, Zagreb
    @ Kristijan SmokMural 'You need to nurture old friendships' by OKO in Zagreb
  38. Krleza mural in Karlovac
    @ Leonard art & street artCroatian artist Leonard Lesić's mural of famous Croatian writer Miroslav Krleža in Karlovac
  39. (Paradise) Lost Boys - Lunar & Flying Förtress @ Graffitti na Gradele
    @ Graffitti na Gradele'Lost Boys' by Lunar and German artist Flying Förtress on Brač
  40. Oko - You need to nurture old friendships, Medika, Zagreb
    @ Graffiti na gradeleCollaborative work by Lunar, French artist Jace and Croatian artist Smack184 in the town of Bol on Brač
  41. Mural in Vodnjan, Istria region
    @ Boobmarstick.comMurals light up the streets of Vodnjan
  42. Street Art in Vodnjan, Istria region @ Boombarstick project
    @ Boombarstick.comA close-up of nautically inpsired street art in Vodnjan
  43. Stipan Tadić work at Ekran Festival in Sibenik
    @ Ekran Festival Stipan Tadić's work as part of Ekran Festival in Šibenik
  44. 'Feel the FUNK' Street art festival 7 in Koprivnica
    @ ojoMAGicoMural 'Feel the FUNK' in the northern Croatian town of Koprivnica
  45. Pimp my Pump – British Post Office at Britanski Square, Zagreb
    @ Pimp my Pump Work from Zagreb's 'Pimp my Pump' project on display at the British square
  46. 'Lighthouse' mural painted by Artez
    @ Graffiti na gradele'Lighthouse', a mural by Artez on Brač
  47. 'A Familiar Place' mural, Rijeka 2020 opening
    @ ojoMAGico with Mosk'A Familiar Place', made for Rijeka's inauguration as 2020 European Capital of Culture
  48. ReThink Festival 2016. in Sisak
    @ LonacLonac working at the ReThink Festival in the northern Croatian town of Sisak
  49. 'From Pjaca to Riva' by Mabel Vicentef @ Art Festival Zen Opuzen
    @ Art Festival Zen Opuzen'From Pjaca to Riva' by Argentine artist Mabel Vicentef in Opuzen
  50. Flying Higher than the Others. One of those great murals that have come and gone @ Lonac
    @ Lonac'Flying Higher than the Others' by Lonac in Zagreb
  51. Vukavar art Festival WD - Dating
    @ Vukavar Art FestivalMural 'Dating' as seen at Vukavar's Art Festival
  52. “Digital Love Story” by Stipan Tadić @ Igor Nobilo for Konzum Klik
    © Igor Nobilo - www.igornobilo.inf'Digital Love Story' by Stipan Tadić lights up a Konzum store on Zagreb's Slavonska avenue
  53. Street art zagreb @ Pascale Nicoulaud
    @ Pascale NicoulaudWork by French artist Pascale Nicoulaud in Zagreb
  54. Sova by Lonac, Studentski centar, Zagreb @ Lonac
    @ Lonac'Owl', a mural by Lonac at Zagreb's Student Centre
  55. Mural streetart by Ivan Blažetić Šumski in Sisak @ Sumski
    @ ŠumskiA marvelous mural by Šumski in Sisak
  56. Tifani Rubi work at Ekran festival in Sibenik
    @ Ekran festival Wonderful work by Serbian artist Tifani Rubi on display in Šibenik
  57. Zagreb mural's - Accident waiting to happen
    @ Alex L'aventurier'Accident waiting to happen', a mural in Zagreb
  58. Boris Bare for Grif brewery, Zagreb
    @ Grif BreweryBoris Bare's piece for Grif Brewery in Zagreb
  59. Parking 'Čatrnja' by Anthony Brooks in Opuzen @ Art Festuval Zen Opuzen
    @ Art Festuval Zen Opuzen'Čatrnja' by Anthony Brooks in Opuzen
  60. Zagreb mural's
    @ Zoran MirkovićA mural featuring books with titles in Croatian in Zagreb
  61. Lunar converse wall in Zagreb
    @ LunarA colourful wall by Lunar in Zagreb brightening up a cloudy day
  62. Opatovina in Zagreb, Boris Bare for Floart
    @ Boris BareOpatovina street in Zagreb, made even more beautiful by Boris Bare

In pictures: 62 photos of Croatia's superb street art

Captivating street art illuminates the country's urban facades

Written by
Daniel Bracun
Lara Rasin

Croatia's cities and towns could double as open-air art museums. Works by world-famous graffiti artists, as well as ingenious amateurs, capture eyes across the country. Street art, by nature, tends to come and go. Sun, rain and wind take their toll, buildings undergo reconstruction, new murals replace old. Take in the best of Croatian street art - some of which is now gone - with our gallery of 62 photos including lifelike portraits, marvelous mazes of geometric shapes and way-out abstracts.

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