Magical Company - Beliefs In Supernatural Beings In The Podravina Area

Art, Photography

Something wicked has come to the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb's Ivan Mažuranić Square. The gallery is currently home to a bewitching exhibition about all things supernatural – from fairies and elves to malevolent witches. Most of the exhibits are the work of award-winning photographer Iva Lulić, whose images of forest-dwelling creatures were inspired by the country's beguiling folkloric history.

While you're at the stately museum, it's worth delving into the vast collection of relics on display – the near 2,800 objects include ceremonial dresses, cooking utensils and tools, adding up to a detailed picture of Croatia's tradition and heritage. But if you're only interested in the eldritch and enchanted, then this exhibition – which also features work from animator Zdenko Bašić, and renowned artist Zdravko Tišljar, with a soundtrack by Ivo Vičić - is sure to leave you charmed.