Meštrović’s mark in Zagreb

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Croatian Association of Artists
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An exhibition honouring famous Zagreb architect and sculptor Ivan Meštrović

Celebrating 80 Years of the Meštrović Pavilion (pictured), this exhibition honours the work of its designer, the architect, sculptor and writer Ivan Meštrović. Taking place inside the Atelier Meštrović, an art museum with a permanent exhibition of Ivan Meštrović's works, the exhibition was constructed by Barbara Vujanović and is a continuation of the research which went into her book 'Meštrović’s Mark in Zagreb', published last year, in which she examined Meštrović’s heritage and work in the museums and churches of Zagreb.

The exhibition consists of visual installations by the artist Ivan Marušić Klif which will show all the fascinating phases of the Meštrović pavilion: the building was originally the Home of Croatian Artists (1938-1941), before being commandeered as a mosque (1941-1945). Following the Second World War it became the Museum of National Liberation / Museum of the People’s Revolution of Croatia (1949 – 1991 .), before being returned to the Home of Croatian Association of Artists (1993 – today).

Accompanying text to the exhibition comes from Czech art historian Vendula Hnídková, from the Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague.


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