City Walls

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Dubrovnik City Walls
Dubrovnik City Walls
Dubrovnik City Walls
Dubrovnik City Walls
Dubrovnik City Walls

The first thing any visitor should fork out for is entrance up to the City Walls. The main one is by the Pile Gate. Arrowed up towards the Adriatic side, you're soon scaling staircases to allow you a sublime view of the blue, blue sea to one side and people's red-tiled roofs, terraces and washing lines to the other. There are a couple of cafes towards the harbour end, where you turn and head towards the thicker, inland-facing walls. You can also choose to head out here, near the Old Port. As well as giving you a perspective on Dubrovnik, you can see how intricate a job this was. Remember to pack a hat and sun cream.


Venue name: City Walls
Address: Old Town
Opening hours: Jan-Feb 10am-3pm, Mar 9am-3pm, Apr-May 9am-6.30pm, Jun-Jul 8am-7.30pm, Aug-mid Sep 8am-7pm, mid Sep-Oct 9am-6pm, Nov-Dec 9am-3pm
Transport: All buses to Pile Gate
Price: 150kn
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