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  1. Dubrovnik cable car
    © Dubrovnik cable car
  2. Dubrovnik cable car
    © Dubrovnik cable car

Time Out says

This popular attraction whisks passengers up in a bright orange box high over the Old Town up to the top of Mount Srđ. It’s a quick but thrilling journey, and well worth the steep fee. The cablecar offers the opportunity to see the Old Town nearly vanish as a panorama of Adriatic blue dominates the horizon. In the space of five minutes, with a slight bump (there’ll be shrieks!) halfway along, immediately below you is the reason so many thousands come every year, and so many lives were lost in 1991-92. Expensive it might be, the cable car is simply a must for a complete visit to Croatia’s most beautiful city.


Petra Krešimira IV
Adult (round-trip ticket) 140kn, Adult (one-way) 85kn, Children (round-trip, 4-12) 60kn, Children (one-way, 4-12) 40kn, Children (0-3) FREE
Opening hours:
Jan-Mar 9am-5pm, Apr 9am-8pm, May 9am-9pm, Jun-Aug 9am-midnight, Sep 9am-10pm, Oct 9am-8pm, Nov 9am-5pm, Dec 9am-4pm
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