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Cafe Cajt
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Time Out Says

3 out of 5 stars

One of the most popular neighbourhood cafes on the Vlaška strip, Cajt had a reputation for serving speciality beers well before the craft boom took hold, and it can still be replied upon to deliver a vast choice of bottles. If your favourite beer comes from an obscure Belgian brewery, you will probably find it here. As well as serving Munich’s Augustiner on tap, Cajt has also embraced the new brews of the craft world, serving ales by local outfit Nova Runda on tap as well as bottles from the likes of Estonian Põhjala and Slovene Ressel. Bar-staff are a mine of knowledge and advice. The interior décor marks out Cajt as something of a post-modern period piece, with a row of strangely upholstered two-person booths, obviously custom-made to squeeze in to the café’s limited space. Only one minor drawback: Cajt is primarily a daytime meeting place, and can be rather quiet on week-nights.


Vlaška 68
Opening hours:
7am-11pm Mon-Sat
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