Pod starim krovovima

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4 out of 5 stars
Pod starim krovovima
© Pod starim krovovima

One of Zagreb's classic watering holes, patronised by writers and actors since the 19th century, 'Under Old Roofs' looks every inch the part, with its bare pine floor, wooden panelling, timber-beamed ceiling and old-style ceramic stove. It's one of the few bars in the Upper Town that has successfully held on to a regular late-night clientele, with art exhibitions and sporadic concerts helping to keep the bohemian spirit buoyant. With hard-to-get Vukovarsko beer on draft, and a handsome list of rakijas and wines, it's certainly the right place for the discerning drinker; while the baguette sandwiches will take care of any lingering hunger.


Venue name: Pod starim krovovima
Address: Basaričekova 9
Opening hours: Mon-Thur 7am-midnight, Fri 7am-2am, Sun 8am-2am, Sun 9am-11pm
Transport: All trams to main square then funicular
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  • Performances Saturday March 30 2019 - Saturday January 9 2021