Pun Kufer

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When they’re fed up, Germans say they have their noses full, Hungarians their snowshoes and Croatians their suitcases. Pun kufer, ‘Full Suitcase’, ie ‘Fed Up’, far more fun than infuriating, is a new bar in the Palace opened by a Ukranian couple, with a regular agenda of live music and literary readings.


Venue name: Pun Kufer
Address: 3
Ulica kralja Petra Kresimira IV


Opening hours: 9am-11pm daily
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Alice T

This is the greatest small bar in Split. 

Pun Kufer - a place where unordinary people are going to try something new and interesting. In translation from Croatian slang name of our place means: «F..ing a lot»! 

Depending on what mood you will come, they will offer you drinks exactly is for you. Original wine and beer breakfasts and brunches. Great wine list of the best Dalmatian wines, interesting and unusual cocktails, the original serving of vodka, big choice of drinks and always something new, which you do not try anywhere else.

Maxim - owner of this bar is Russian and know sense in good vodka, showing master classes of drinking it.

Also they make best Mojito in the city and cheapest one.

They have the best prices in the entire city.