Svijet Piva

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Svijet Piva
©Ivan KlindićSvijet Piva

Time Out Says

4 out of 5 stars

Whether you're after a stout, fruit beer, wheat beer, an IPA, a British ale or a classic draught lager, you'll find it here. Svijet Piva is an extremely well-stocked bar, with a multiple, ever-changing guest beer selection and several good bottle options. The indie-leaning soundtrack is often good, and it's a decent choice if you find yourself in the east of the city. The outdoor area is comfortable and capacious, its chairs are more forgiving than the wooden bar stools inside. The outdoor area also has a huge projection screen.


Maksimirska 45 (dvorište/courtyard)
Opening hours:
9am-midnight (Sunday 3pm-midnight)
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