A 'sub-space' hostel has just opened in Zagreb

Written by
Beth Ryan

A few months ago, a new train hostel became the weirdest place to stay in Zagreb. But that title may have a new contender, as a brand new 'sub-space' hostel opens.

Housed in what used to be an internet cafe, the hostel simulates the inside of a space-craft. Guests sleep in their own private capsules, each of which comes with wifi, android screens and air conditioning.

There's no natural lighting because of its subterranean setting (it's in a basement on Tesla street), so the sci-fi atmosphere is completed with eerie blue lighting. To make things extra celestial, stars are painted on the ceilings.   

Hrvoje Krlić is the man behind the venture. Though something of a novelty in Europe, the Japanese-designed 'capsules' are often used as space-saving accommodation in parts of Asia. As soon as Krlić saw them, he says, he was imagining the sub-space hostel - the first of its kind in Europe.

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