'Adult erotic cruise' to swing by Split, Dubrovnik and Zadar

Written by
Beth Ryan

Cruises may make think of your grandparents, resting their calloused feet next to the pool and going red in the sun. But they’re about to get a whole lot sexier: on June 5, tourist company Original Group announced that they will launch their first ‘adult erotic cruise’ next year. Between 26 September and 3 October 2017, this glorified sex boat will set sail in the Adriatic.

The group describe the cruise as a “sensual journey” for couples. Essentially, it’s an eight day swingers’ party with the added aphrodisiac of sea-sickness. Clothing is ‘optional’, mingling ‘encouraged’ - and sun cream recommended.

Over the course of eight lusty days, the Azamara Quest liner will stop at Venice and Ravenna in Italy, Split, Dubrovnik and Zadar in Croatia, and Koper in Slovenia. 

On a regular cruise, you might be entertained by a musical theatre wannabe or a middle-aged magician. On the adult erotic cruise, you can enjoy a wholesome program of ‘provocative entertainment’ – including parties designed (and we’re not quite sure what they mean by this) so that couples can meet and interact. There will be rooms available for ‘couple’s exchanges’, too: what do they exchange, we wonder? Travel stories, friendly tips?

Cruises have become increasingly popular in the Adriatic region, with more and more liners coasting through the waves each year. So, as with all good things, it was only natural that someone should decide to introduce a naked version.

Original Group say they expect to have 690 guests on board, and tickets cost €2539. But while guests may get a bit overexcited, they’ll need to stick to strict rules: staff are off limits, no noise after midnight, and – crucially – guests must “use [the] couples-only areas to fulfil [their] intimate desires.”

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