Amazing new mural comes to Zagreb

Written by
Beth Ryan

Street art collective Pimp my Pump, whose giant murals can be spotted all over Zagreb, are sprucing up the city centre yet again with a brand new work of art.

This time, their subject of choice is Gulliver and his little Lilliputians, and their setting is park Bishop Stephen II (also known as Park Opatovina), a reasonably run-down spot tucked behind the cathedral. 

Pimp my Pump founder Boris Bare worked alongside artist Dominik Vukovic to paint the characters - from English/ Irish author Jonathan Swift's 18th-century satirical novel Gulliver's Travels - across a bare wall in the park. It was a spontaneous decision, according to the pair, who say that inspiration only came when they saw the size of the wall. For reference, they looked to the work of Zagreb-based photographer Hrvoje Zalukar.

Check out the Pimp my Pump facebook page to keep tabs on the troupe's upcoming projects.

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