Brad Pitt to open luxury resort in Croatia

Written by
Beth Ryan

Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt has announced plans to build a luxury holiday resort in Croatia. A hotel, villas, restaurants, shops and even a golf course will be part of the lavish development, which will cost more than $1.5 billion and which will be "a modern ecologically-responsible planned community."

The A-lister's location of choice is Zablace, a small coastal town just outside of Sibenik, in the central Dalmatian region. He's reported to have visited the town in early September, arriving into nearby Zadar airport and travelling to Zablace via a scenic ferry ride. But the Mr and Mrs Smith star was already aware of Croatia's charms; having previously holidayed in the country with wife Angelina Jolie and their family, he's described it as "the most beautiful country he has ever visited."

The project - currently going by the name of "Barabriga" - has already attracted big money: according to Digital Journal, the Swiss-based fund TFI Holding is investing $70 million. 

That's probably because Pitt knows a bit about architectural developments; his Make it Right foundation saw him help to redevelop the city of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, by funding the development of 100 new houses by world-class architects.

But he's had his eye on Croatia for a while - in 2012, he was considering building a similar holiday resort, including villas and a golf course, along Danko Končar, just opposite the Brijuni Islands in the north of the country. 

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