Croatia becomes world leader... at drinking

Written by
Beth Ryan

Ah, Croatia. Land of glittering seas, far-flung islands - and excessive alcohol consumption. 

According  to new data, Croatians are among the world's biggest drinkers. The World Health Organisation ranked 186 countries according to their alcohol consumption, and Croatia has managed to come in at an impressive (?) fourth place. 

They were beaten only by the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Belarus - which had a per-capita rate of 17.3 litres of alcohol consumed annually. Croatians, meanwhile, guzzle through an average of 12.18 litres a year.

Croatian's drink of choice was wine, which made up 5.89 of those 12.18 litres per capita. Beer made up 4.7 litres, spirits 1.2, while the remaining 0.39 litres fell into the mysterious 'other' category. 

So, Croatians may not be so good at leaving home, but they are world-class drinkers. We wonder if the two are related...

Have a look at the full report here.

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