Croatia cancels plans for Adriatic drilling

Written by
Beth Ryan

Greenpeace Croatia and its affiliates are triumphant as plans to drill for oil and gas in the Adriatic are cancelled.

Since contracts were signed in January 2015, Greenpeace Croatia, along with Friends of the Earth and WWF, have been campaigning against the plans, which would have seen the pristine Adriatic severely polluted. They rallied a huge amount of support and a legion of followers, many of whom were members of the Croatian public concerned about preserving their country's natural beauty. Many were tourists, too - which struck a chord with the government. 

The Minister of Economy said:  ”The majority of the public is against Adriatic oil drilling. Tourism is much more important and this project is simply not acceptable." 

But environmental campaigners still have their work cut out for them. Last week, the government granted drilling rights to Canadian company Vermillion Energy in Croatia's north-eastern region of Slavonia. 

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