Croatia wins Guinness World Record for longest strudel

Written by
Beth Ryan

A very large strudel baked in the central Croatian town of Jaškovo has won the official title of World's Longest Strudel in the Guinness Book of Records.

The record-breaking baked treat measures a staggering 1,479 metres. Though originally it was planned to reach 1,300 metres, its makers decided to stretch it further because of leftover ingredients. The mammoth strudel was made from local apples and grapes, following a recipe from the Ozalj region. It was created as part of the 'Jaškovo for the world- Strudel for Guinness' campaign that swept the area last year.

On the lengthy list of ingredients that went into the winning strudel were 825 kg of flour, 653 kg of apples, 50 kg of sugar and 10 kg of cinnamon. Watch the delicious thing in construction in the behind-the-scenes video below:

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