Croatian Kim Kardashian look-a-like takes Instagram by storm

Written by
Beth Ryan

She hasn't quite broken the internet yet, but Jelena Perić is well on her way to Instagram fame. The Croatian make-up artist is being celebrated worldwide for one remarkable achievement: looking a little bit like Kim Kardashian. 

Twenty-four-year-old Perić, who hails from Zagreb, noticed the resemblance to the reality TV star a few years ago. She saw her chance and grabbed it: soon, she'd perfected Kim-style makeup (that's a few inches of foundation and bee-sting puffy lips) and had adopted her icon's signature pose (that doe-eyed head tilt beloved of teenage girls). She'd tailored her wardrobe to enhance the resemblance, too.

Instagram followers were impressed; one, by the name of joceyy.cruzz@adygxoxo, was reported as saying "Omg she looks like kim k". And after much wordplay, wit, and brainstorming, her fan-base had coined a nickname: "Kim Twin." 

Her look was so convincing that some users followed her by mistake, believing her to be the dubious celebrity. Others followed to keep up to date with her makeup tutorials, so they too could spend hours trying (and failing) to look like Mrs West. She's now gathered over 700,000 followers, while Kim K herself still reigns supreme with an unreasonably large following of 7.2 million. 

In an exclusive recent interview with Croatia Week, Perić gave a revealing insight into her life. We found out all manner of fascinating things, such as what her most popular post has been ("I think it was a Halloween video where I transformed myself into a cat.") and that - despite it being the sole reason anybody knows who she is - she's totally over the whole Kim thing ("I am often compared to Kardashian. It is a big compliment, but sometimes it can be really boring.").

And then came the question you'd been desperate to ask: has Kim herself had a glance at her impersonator's profile? "I don't know about that but I've seen an article on their official website so maybe even she did," said Perić, before adding, crucially, "Haha."

Perić mustn't be confused with Serbian pop star Jelena Karleusa, who last year was embroiled in the gripping legal row that saw her accuse Kim Kardashian of copying her hair style. 

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