It's official: Croatian men are Europe's biggest mummy's boys

Written by
Beth Ryan

It's bad news for Croatian men, and even worse news for their parents. Of all under 35s in the EU, Croatian men are the most likely to still be living at home.

The study, run by Eurostat, assessed the number of under-35s still living with their parents in EU countries. Croatian men came top, with a remarkable 78% of them yet to fly the nest.

Of course, soaring unemployment rates and an unreasonably low minimum wage probably have something to do with it; speak to an average young person in the capital and they'll tell you how tricky it is to launch a profitable career. 

Still, young women seem to be having less trouble - if only slightly. Just over 60% of them still live at home. That's a smaller figure than that of Slovakia, but still considerably higher than countries such as France, Sweden and the UK (surprising, considering London's notoriously exponential rent prices).

At the other end of the scale, only 15% of Finnish women under the age of 35 remain at home. Young Danish men are similarly desperate to get away from their parents, with just 23% of 18 - 34s yet to move out.

Which leaves us to conclude what we already know - Scandinavians do things better than the rest of us, and Croatians love their mothers.

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