Meteor shower to light up Croatia's skies tonight

Written by
Beth Ryan

Stargazers worldwide will be looking to the skies tonight to catch the Perseid Meteor display. It'll be visible at various places in Croatia, where astronomy fans call it the Tears of St. Lawrence.

Though the Perseid is an annual occurence, tonight's display is set to be more luminous than usual - according to experts, a little help from Jupiter means the shower will be doubly bright tonight. For the last two millennia the display has thrown glitter across the skies each year. Last year, NASA estimated that around 100 meteors fell per hour at its peak, with speeds reaching over 60 km/s. 

As always, you'll get the best eyeful if you avoid polluted areas. Lastovo island will be one of Croatia's best viewpoints, while those living in Zagreb should head to Sljeme mountain to catch the best possible show. The celestial display will start late this evening, and peak during the early hours of Friday 12 August. 

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