New bar Alcatraz 2 opens in Zagreb

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Time Out contributors

Alcatraz is one of Zagreb's most popular bars, frequented by locals and guests from nearby hostels alike. It's so popular, in fact, that the owners are about to launch Alcatraz 2.

The new bar will be on Tkalciceva Street - a pedestrianised stretch of bars just up from the central square. That makes it a ten minute walk away from the original Alcatraz on Preradoviceva Street. But the new bar will have several upgrades - one of which being that it will serve food. 

Its three levels will be divided by theme. The basement is reserved for beer and rock music, while the middle level ('Buddha Bar') is all about house music and cocktails. 'All Saints', the restaurant, is on the top floor, with a broad Mediterranean menu and music to match the daily dishes.  

At 300 square metres and with a crew of 30 people, Alcatraz 2 is considerably larger than its sister bar, and is certain to be just as popular. Head to Tkalciceva Street 15 to try it out. 

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