Nominations for best design product of the year revealed

Written by
Beth Ryan

The Croatian Design Association (HDD) has revealed its three shortlisted nominees for the Croatian design grand prix of 2015/ 2016. Croatian design, in recent years, has been gaining an international reputation, and the aim of the prize is to commend designers that have come up with something original, brilliant, or internationally acclaimed. The HDD will announce their winner on the opening night of the annual exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Crafts on September 13th. 

The nominated projects are:

 Louvre Serif and Louvre Sans

SDSS/ Sandro Dujmenović & Marko Hrastovec

These two Croatian designers were selected to design an original in house font for the Louvre Gallery in Paris. The commission was part of a larger project led by French agency Dream On, which aimed to rebrand the museum's visual identity. Dujmnović and Hrastovec's font is classy, subtle and modern.  

Tape, Net and Tube Installations

Numen/For Use

Numen/ For Use are Croatian and Austrian design studio that specialise in toying around with environments. They recently caught public attention with their tape, net and tube installations, which transform public spaces into peculiar playgrounds - viewers are confronted with roomfuls of materials that they can walk on, sit on, or play with. The HDD call their installations ‘design[s] made for play and rediscovering our own environments, design[s] inspired by their context, thus constantly reshaping, rebuilding and reinvigorating the spaces they are in’.

 Design District Zagreb

Ira Payer, Croatian Design Superstore, Design Centre Zagreb

Zagreb's East-central region is swiftly becoming the city's creative quarter, with design studios and coffee shops popping up on every corner. Ira Payer of the Croatian Design Superstore decided it was time for a celebration - and the result was a four-day design festival, which saw the streets around Marticeva bustling with talks, gigs, workshops and exhibitions. Thousands turned up to admire the work of local artists and designers, in what turned out to be a jubilant, celebratory event. 

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