Objects from Museum of Broken Relationships: a toy caterpillar

Written by
Beth Ryan

Each week, we feature an exhibit from the collection at the Museum of Broken Relationships. The museum, based in Zagreb (and now LA, too) displays items submitted by members of the public; each tells a personal story about a relationship that has ended. This week's item is a semi-amputated toy caterpillar:

A caterpillar “TIMUNAKI”

2 year relationship

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I had this big, truly big love, a long-distance relationship, Sarajevo – Zagreb. It lasted for 20 months. Of course, we dreamt of a life together and, with that in mind, I bought this huge caterpillar. Every time we would see each other we would tear off one leg. When we ran out of legs to tear, that would be the time to start a life together. But, as is often the case with great loves, the relationship broke and so the caterpillar did not become a complete invalid after all.

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