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Spring starts with record high temperatures in Croatia

Spring starts with record high temperatures in Croatia
© Matt Field/Time Out

Temperatures are freakishly warm in Croatia right now, with the first official day of spring yesterday reaching sun-drenched, record-breaking highs. According to Croatia Week, temperatures recorded at Grič weather station in Zagreb were recorded at 22°C, the highest ever on 20 March, the date of the Spring Equinox, since records began in 1881.

Even higher temperatures of 23 °C were recorded across Continental Croatia. The weather reached exceptionally warm heights of 24 °C in Karlovac, Sisak and Slunj. 


Enjoy this perfect weather while it lasts (may we suggest a rooftop bar, perhaps?) Along the coast, temperatures are hovering around the more modest but still incredibly balmy high-teens this week.

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Carbon F

AGW is nothing but FRAUD only the mentally challenged believe in.

A simple greenhouse test:

- 20x20x8' greenhouse has 3,200 cubic feet
- The amount of CO2 is 1.28 cubic feet
- Does any grown sane adult honestly believe adding or removing 1 cubic foot of CO2 from the greenhouse is going to magically change the temperature by 2C?

If this was true why would anyone need to pay for energy to heat their house? All they would need to do is put a clear bubble on their roof and fill it with 100% CO2.

- The amount of CO2 increase since 1960 is equal to 7x7x7" in the greenhouse. Does anyone think this makes a difference?

- The fact is 224 cubic feet of CO2 is required to make the greenhouse temperature rise by 1C, about 70,000 PPM.

MSM and governments are scam artists, brainwashing the ignorant masses with fairy tales while they are taxed into oblivion.