The Dalmatian family living off a cannabis farm

Written by
Beth Ryan

A Dalmatian family have set up a lucrative cannabis business. And the resourceful clan, who run their business under the title of 'First Dalmatian Cannabis', make no bones about their trading item of choice.

That's because their cannabis is the type you put in tea, not bongs. Cannabis sativa - to give it its technical name - is the versatile, sober cousin of the more stoner-friendly Indian cannabis that's definitely illegal in Croatia. 

The Moro family had lived off their farmland in Cetinsko, Polje (near Gala) for three generations. But it was all about to fall apart thanks to the economic crisis that hit a few years ago. Despite all leaving university with excellent degrees and accolades, the three Moro children had returned home and were struggling to find employment.

Things looked so hopeless, in fact, that they were all on the brink of moving abroad. But in a surprising turn of events, a visit from their Slovenian aunt changed everything. This especially savvy relative brought with her products made from industrial cannabis. Light bulbs sparked up and eyes met across the room, and soon the siblings were deep in cannabis-related research. Their arable land, it turned out, was perfect for the crop. 

So came about Prva Dalmatinska Konoplja Family Farm (First Dalmatian Cannabis). While the first few start-up months were a challenge, things picked up in autumn of 2015 when their first product - Dalmatia's Cannabis Tea - went on the market. Oil and protein products followed. 

Frano Moro, one of the bright minds behind the business, said: "Every day the number of people who contact us and order products is growing. Our main sales channel is Facebook and it turned out to be an excellent choice. During week, we receive orders and we then deliver the products to homes, from door to door”.

There are no competitors in the Dalmatia area, but similar ventures are quickly catching up with the Moros in Karlovac, Istria and Slavonia.

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