This hilarious map shows the best and worst of the world's tourist slogans - including Croatia.

Written by
Justin McDonnell

Holiday website FamilyBreakFinder have produced a map plotting the world's tourist slogans - and the results are hilarious. Marketing slogans are one of the hardest things to get right, and it's fun (and totally cringe-worthy) to see how tourism boards are selling themselves.

Some have gone for creative word-play, like Morocco's 'Much mor', or Djibouti’s 'Djibeauty'. Others have opted for alliteration as the way to a holidaymaker's heart, like 'Brilliant Barbados' or the epic tongue-twister 'Pristine Paradise Palau.'

Then there's the downright weird. Hungary's effort 'think Hungary more than expected' comes across as a bad Google translate job. The ever-isolated Great Britain have gone full-on YOLO with their slogan '#OMGB – home of amazing moments' ironically, not aimed at foreigners, but at keeping Brits at home on their holidays. El Salvador's brave but misguided 'The 45 Minute Country'  wins the prize for WTF does that even mean?

And Croatia? Fairly recently, 'Croatia full of life' was derided by the national press for its lack of originality and hefty price tag, with millions of kuna paid to blue-sky consultants as part of a massive rebrand. But on the global stage it does actually hold its own against competing catchphrases - just take a look at Slovakia's 'Travel in Slovakia – good idea' or Armenia's hard-wrought 'Visit Armenia, it is beautiful.' for reassurance.

Croatia full of...great travel destinations.

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