This is what Croatia searched for on Pornhub in 2016

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The world's largest adult entertainment site Pornhub has revealed its annual trove of statistics about its users who watched an incredible 92 billion videos over the past twelve months. So what did we learn this year?

Croatians still love porn. Like, really love porn. Croatia sent a big load of traffic to the site in 2016, with the number of users ranking 51st in the world, despite being 126th in population size.

The average time Croatians spent pleasure-seeking clocked in at 9.09 minutes - about half a minute less action than the global average. Interestingly, Croatia has a larger proportion of female visitors at 31% compared to the world average of 26%.

The most searched porn term in Croatia? 'Croatian.' Eschewing global trends in virtual reality, fantasy and 'lesbian scissoring', Croatians are patriotic porn consumers who know what they like: other Croatians. 'Milf', 'mom' 'step mom' and 'mature' also feature prominently in the top ten, suggesting Croatia really is a country of mother lovers.

The biggest surprise? 'Serbian' comes in at number eight. You can read the full international review here.

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