Trump who? Here's what Croatia's been Googling this year

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Beth Ryan

The internet continued to take over our lives this year, and we turned to Google with our every query. Each year, the search-engine-cum-super-power reveals the terms most frequently searched - giving us a pretty good (and slightly alarming) idea of what the world's been thinking about. 

So, what's been on Croatia's mind? Along with the rest of the world, Croats were driven to distraction by Pokemon Go, the interactive smart phone game that had millions of players chasing virtual Pokemon characters in real-life streets, leading to a lot of passerby confusion and the occasional serious injury. It might come as surprise to those that have never heard of it, but - an online game involving a hungry snake-like creature - also made both the world's and Croatia's top tens.

Big Brother, the reality TV show that, in many countries, has long been hiding in the depths of oblivion, was Croatia's fourth most searched-for topic. Fourth. Donald Trump, meanwhile is nowhere to be seen.

The US president-elect did make it into the world top ten though, along with other names that made the headlines in 2016 - David Bowie and Prince.

But who cares about American politics and celebrity deaths when there are games to be played? Topping Croatia's most searched-for-terms list was its favourite game of all: football. 

Here are the lists in full: 

TOP 10 Google Searches in Croatia

1. Euro 2016
2. Pokemon Go
3. Agario
4. Big Brother
6. Rio 2016
7. State Electoral Commission of the Republic of Croatia
8. Orange sponsors you
9. eVisitor
10. iPhone 7

TOP 10 Searches in the World

1. Pokémon Go
2. iPhone 7
3. Donald Trump
4. Prince
5. Powerball
6. David Bowie
7. Deadpool
8. Olympics
10. Suicide Squad

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