World's most expensive sculpture en route to Zagreb

Written by
Beth Ryan

The world's most expensive sculpture will be on show in Zagreb next month. The sculpture, called 'Walking Man I' is by great 20th century artist Alberto Giacometti. It's made of bronze, it's 6ft tall - and it comes with a $92.5 million price tag. 

Walking Man I will be on show at the Croatian capital's Art Pavilion from September, part of a blockbuster exhibition on Giacometti. Entitled 'Portraits of the present', the exhibition is the third part of the series 'The greatest sculptors of the 20th century', which started with two fantastic shows on Spanish surrealist Joan Miro, and 'The Kiss' sculptor August Rodin. 

Swiss artist Giacometti is best remembered for his series of 'Thin People' sculptures. The bronze models depict emaciated figures, often with disproportionate heads and hands, and often caught in motion. Walking Man I, with its impasto surface and sombre mood, has all the hallmarks of a Giacometti. It's dark, fragile and beguiling to look at up close. Other highlights of the exhibition include the 'Women of Venice' sculptures, which made the artist's name in 1956. 

But the main draw will be Walking Man I, which sold at New York's Sotheby's auction house in 2010, replacing Picasso's Boy With a Pipe as the world's priciest sculpture. 

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