Zagreb's INmusic honours Tesla and Bowie with replica tower

Written by
Beth Ryan

A replica of Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe tower has been constructed in Zagreb. The 100ft tower - the first of its kind in the world - is part of a unique stage at this weekend's INmusic festival. The stage is dedicated to the memory of both Nikola Tesla (the tower's creator) and music legend David Bowie, who died in January this year.

Though he failed to gain recognition among his contemporaries, Tesla was prodigiously inventive, and his work with information science has shaped the way we communicate today. His Wardenclyffe tower was one of the world's first wireless transmission stations, and the replica comes precisely 99 years after the original was torn down in Long Island, New York. This year marks 160 years since the Croatian genius's birth.

He'll be remembered alongside David Bowie. The pair are similar in many ways - both ahead of their time, transcendentally creative and chronically misunderstood. In 2006, Bowie played the role of Tesla in Christopher Nolan's feature film 'The Prestige' - one of his last roles.

INmusic festival is one of Croatia's most popular festivals. Artists heading to Lake Jarun to perform next week include Florence + The Machine, PJ Harvey, Jake Bugg and The Kooks.

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