Hohcajt 06

Clubs, House, disco and techno

Time Out says

Relive the summer with Adriatic DJs, a gin and tonic in hand, while eating specially prepared tapas

The island of Ibiza has been so fundamental to the evolution of dance music culture in Europe that's its earliest clubbing soundtrack even has its own genre. Balearic music is the eclectic soundtrack of funky rock music, Italian disco, world and electronic music that was spun on the island prior to the arrival of house music and the tens of thousands of hedonistic clubbers who now party on the White Isle each summer. Playing a similarly broad range of music as the pioneering Ibiza DJs, from reggae to disco, rock to electronica, Zagreb based DJs Matija Duić and Pepi Jogarde can't really call themselves Balearic DJs. Nor would they want to. Instead, they refer to their eclectic soundtrack as Adriatic music. At this session, in the beautiful Botaničar venue, our Adriatic DJs will be reliving the sounds of summer as the grey skies and dark clouds gather outside. To add an extra special flavour of summer, there will be a complimentary gin and tonic served to all attendees along with one free tapas. Maybe take your shorts and sandals in a bag to wear while inside the venue and vibe? From existing weather reports though, you may well need a waterproof jacket on your journey to the venue.


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