Zagreb Sunset Sessions

Clubs, House, disco and techno

Time Out says

Watch the sun setting over Zagreb from the vantage point of mount Sljeme, alongside hundreds of ravers and Zagreb DJs

The appeals of autumn can sometimes be slow to reveal themselves, as we wave an all too sudden goodbye to the long, warm nights of partying that took place in summer. Browning leaves carpet the ground, often moistened by the rain, the temperatures fall and the light of the day recedes at an increasingly earlier time as the season progresses. However, it's not all doom and gloom. With a fresh influx of students and with everyone returning from the coast in autumn, Zagreb becomes party central, its clubs all reopening and once more hosting international guests. The earlier setting of the sun is something that's taken advantage of at this special party, which takes places at the BSH Sljeme TV Tower atop the mountain overlooking Zagreb at an altitude of 1035 amsl. Partygoers are invited to attend from the afternoon, taking advantage of what will hopefully be a mild, autumn day and watch as the cityscape turns from day to night. Soundtracking the party and sunset will be Zagreb DJs Aldo Morro, Boris Motega, Brundux and Petedux, Dekova, Pablo Panda, Viktor and Yakka, who will play a range of house, trance and techno music.Visitors are advised to take at least a hoodie to wear later in the evening when temperatures will drop.



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