Tuškanac Halloween Film Night

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Two vintage horror classics in one night at this city centre independent

Horror film fans are in for a treat this Halloween as city centre cinema Kino Tuškanac are offering a diabolical double bill. At 7pm the chance to watch John Carpenter's slasher genre-defining 1978 film Halloween, the original and best movie from an extensive franchise that follows the murderous exploits of Michael Myers. In this movie we see the screen debut of one Jamie Lee Curtis and watch as Myers stalks and kills teenage babysitters. At 9pm, another original installment from a classic franchise as we have opportunity to catch Sam Raimi's Evil Dead. Groundbreaking when released in 1981 and still thoroughly enjoyable to this day, this low budget, high impact classic watches as five college students, vacationing in an isolated cabin in a remote wooded area, unleash a legion of demons and spirits, leading to demonic possession and an everincreasing, but also quite humourous, gore fest.


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