Best clinics for orthopedics and rehabilitation in and around Zagreb

These are some of the clinics that make Zagreb's orthopedics and rehabilitation field exemplary

Glavic Polyclinic, orthopedic
Glavic Polyclinic / Zagreb Tourist Board

Zagreb's orthopedics and physical therapy field is spearheaded by award-winning clinics that use the most modern technologies and procedures available on the market. All of them are, of course, guided by the city's highly trained medical personnel.

To get between appointments and sights you wish to see, Zagreb offers transport options aplenty. A handful of taxi companies, Uber, Bolt, and fantastic public transport (regular buses and trams connect all corners of the city) will make sure you arrive to the doctor's office, to the restaurant, to the hotel - on time and totally carefree.

Here are just a few of the clinics that make Zagreb's orthopedics and rehabilitation field so exemplary.

Arithera Specialty Hospital

Arithera Specialty Hospital employs around 70 doctors, physical therapists, and nurses. Most of the hospital's medical experts were educated at the renowned international medical centres.

Orthopedists, neurosurgeons, surgeons, traumatologists, and vertebrologists oversee the hospital's leading medical solutions.

Arithera does everything from endoprosthesis implants to spinal surgeries, plus expert-led rehabilitation. 

Coming in for surgery? All pre-operation preparations (cardio work, blood work, anesthesia consultations...) are super-conveniently done in one place, right at the hospital. After personalised consultations and prep, modern and minimally invasive surgical techniques are used.

Recovery times are fast, because each patient gets a personal health care manager and individualised therapy. Think everything from electrotherapy and kinesiotherapy, to hydrokinesiotherapy in Croatia's only counter swimming pool with automatic cleaning according to EU standards.

They also provide the possibility of robotic neurorehabilitation of the upper and lower extremities, through personalized rehabilitation programs.

Arithera also provides patients with interpreters, accommodation, food, and transport - both for themselves and for their escorts, as needed. 

St. Catherine's Specialty Hospital

St. Catherine's is among the region's best health establishments. They specialise in orthopedics, traumatology, and rehabilitation, among a score of other fields.

St. Catherine's is the official hospital of the Croatian National Football Team, which regularly entrusts orthopedic and rehabilitative care of its world-famous players to the establishment.

This is a place at which the newest clinical trials are carried out, and which actively participates in groundbreaking research publications with some of the world's top universities and health companies.

The clinic is located right within Zagreb, and the hospital is in Zabok, just an hour from the city.

Glavic Polyclinic 

Glavic Polyclinic specialises in world-class neurorehabilitation, robotic neurorehabilitation, and conventional rehabilitation techniques.

Glavic Polyclinic describes one of their cutting-edge treatment methods: "Robotic neurorehabilitation compared to conventional offers much faster and more efficient recovery possibility for patients who have weakened or completely disabled lower and upper extremities, due to various accidents or diseases."

The first doctor in Croatia to start using the innovative technique is the clinic's lead neurologist Josip Glavic.

Their neurorehabilitation devices are focused around neuroplasticity, which is the brain's ability to reestablish and reorganise synapses to replace damaged parts. This method is one of the world's highest-achieving in terms of results and improved patient health.

Robotic devices are used in the clinic for hand, leg and back therapy. Robotic therapy makes repetitive, high-intensity movements possible, which are highly efficient.

Neurorehabilitation requires active participation from patients, their doctors, and often their family members, too. So, the clinic offers not only personalised rehabilitation packages, but also accommodation for the patient and their escort. 

Akromion Special Hospital

Akromion has a cutting-edge polyclinic in Zagreb, and a Special Hospital for Orthopedic Surgery in the greenery-surrounded Krapinske Toplice, one hour from the capital.

The Akromion complex is a regional leader in orthopedics and other fields of medicine. It regularly hosts medical specialists from across the entire region, who visit the hospital to learn about the newest and most advanced operating techniques out there.

Any medical service in the field of orthopedics and traumatology that you can think of, Akromion provides it: arthroscopy, arthroplasty, joint and fracture treatments, replacements, prosthesis, and more. Of course, an individual approach is always taken, with doctors creating tailor-made plans for patients depending on their needs, age, and the level of damage.

Arthroscopic procedures are performed in Akromion in a minimally invasive way, and often. This is one of the few hospitals in Croatia to perform minor operations many times a day. Small cameras are used also for assistance and precision assurance, and can be inserted by doctors directly into the joint.

Akromion's patients call it the "hospital without pain", because patient care is on the highest level here before, during, and after procedures. Orthopedists, physiatrists, and physical therapists create expert plans to suit each patient in rehabilitation, and continue the comfort long-term, as well.